technical resources.

hire & supply.

The LX1 hire service. LX1 encompass all technical resources required for any event, production or project. We have everything you need all available for hire. 

We utilise our collective of trusted technical partners integrating their knowledge and inventory into hire packages which results in the assembled package of quality kit.

We guarantee equipment packages and results which exceed client expectations, through our expert hire and supply service. Each piece of hired kit is thoroughly quality and safety checked before dispatch. With delivery and collection options available and 24/7 reachable customer service for any advice or guidance required.

We consider the LX1 hire and supply service all inclusive. We may work with our collective to achieve a fully equipped package, but the hire service is all LX1 Technical Resources.

We host an extensive stock across Lighting, Sound, Staging, Special Effects and Video which is packaged suiting your event/production needs. Alternatively, if you are unsure what the event requires and you need some insight on how to achieve a certain effect or look, we’re here to help! Whatever the outcome you’re looking for, whatever the piece of kit you’re interested in quoting- LX1 are here. Reach out today and we’ll start the hire journey together. 







24/7 reachable customer service

lighting control systems.

LX1 Technical Resources houses an extensive range of premium reliable lighting control systems all available for hire. Whether it’s a one day conference, a festival weekender, a 12 month long theatrical tour or a training session to further develop skills- LX1 will have you covered. Within our collection, we notably supply industry leading consoles such as GrandMA 2, GrandMA 3 series and Eos family consoles in addition to Luminex networking infrastructure and data distribution. 

Year on year LX1 is expanding our stock of technical resources. Lighting Control Systems were an initial area of investment for LX1 resulting in our ability to recognise quality and develop our expertise in supplying trusted control systems to all forms of events, productions, projects and clients. With a focus on innovation, for years we have been heavily involved in networking and trialling various brands, equipment and software with the aim we would align our brand with brilliance.