production services.

technical, production & project management. 

With three main stems of our management services available we specialise in Technical Management, Production Management and Project Management within the Live Entertainment, Experiential Projects and Events industries. We are consultants and managers who work innovatively and brilliantly on projects from conception to completion with a quality outcome, within budget and on time. 

LX1 Production Services are expertly skilled and experienced across multiple disciplines: we manage production expenditure, coordinate logistics, we risk assess and ensure health and safety compliance, we recruit and select suitable people and suppliers, we site visit your event locations, reviewing, reporting and providing the detailed evaluation, we work across multiple industry standard software packages; creating and managing floor plans, visualisations, 3D renders, technical specifications and riders. 








We review your project briefs and we engage proactively, we liaise fluently with creatives ensuring we comprehend the vision and we communicate effectively and succinctly with you and our teams. 

LX1 exceeds expectations when managing projects, productions and events, which result in not only happy clients but fulfilled and engaged audiences.

“expertly skilled and experienced”

& lighting design.

Lighting design was the original focal point of LX1. We established ourselves in the industry through our management services and technical expertise, we expanded our technical design knowledge across lighting, sound, staging, effects and video which opened up creative pathways to allow our design practice to thrive. We commenced our design portfolio across multiple methods beyond lighting, forming us as a unique well rounded creative technical collective. We are transient and transferrable with a wide varying scope of design brilliance, seasoned in curating tourable, temporary and permanent design structures. LX1 has developed a core collective of multi-disciplinary creatives: designers, associates, programmers and design planning experts. We review the client brief, or the design needs and we allocate the most suitable portfolio to exceed expectations. 

We are innovative in the technology we use creatively- we design strategically considering the use of efficient systems while monitoring our impact on the environment thinking sustainably.  We work with colours, spaces, stories, limitations, focus, travel, the environment, people and technology. LX1 designs across theatre, live events, television, installations, live music, charitable fundraising events, product launches and so many more: we put our ethos of quality, people and professionalism into everything we design, with our installations interacted with and viewed by hundreds of thousands.

We listen to our briefs, we understand project restrictions, we study the brand and we design brilliance.

“viewed by hundreds of thousands”

technical collective & crewing.

LX1 have developed a skilled and experienced team made up of extremely knowledgeable technical and production specialists- although they feel like family- we call them our Technical Collective. They are our representatives on the ground, with copious amounts of training across their areas of expertise and most importantly they carry themselves confidently with a friendly, approachable and professional demeanour. No matter the project environment they are reliable and dependable in delivering quality work.

“production specialists”

Additionally to our Technical Collective we have a team of crew who are a crucial resource to the project installation, running and take down. We are scrupulous in our selection and recruitment process- with application procedures, interviews and final assessment on knowledge. The crew team is strong, consistent and focused, each individually selected based on their proactive work ethic, positive attitude and good skills. LX1 Production Services are an equal and fair employer, we support our team members’ wellbeing and we provide high standard training to the crew therefore we can rely on them representing our brand at our clients’ productions, events and projects.