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production brilliance.

LX1 are production management experts, the supplier of premium hire and sales services and employers of highly trained and knowledgeable technical specialists. 

LX1 Production Services manages a collective of skilled, knowledgeable and highly experienced production specialists and suppliers, well regarded in their fields across Lighting, Sound, Video, Rigging, Scenic, Production Planning and Management. 

LX1 has formed relationships with producers, venues, brands and events across the world with continual opportunities arising from these relationships, which we are very proud of.  Moreover, each year we welcome new organisations and companies into the collective engaging with us to utilise our quality, people and professionalism







Originating in Southampton and led by Director Darran Curtis, the company originally focused exclusively on lighting design, programming and operation. With a busy calendar incorporating charitable functions, community theatrical productions, weddings, awards ceremonies and corporate events; Seeing an increase in demand for bookings which required sound installation and operation for live music, the company began to move towards production servicing. Innovatively spotting the opportunity for further development Darran pushed the possibilities for expansion. Established in 2000 previously known as Xune, Darran rebranded and launched LX1 Production Services in 2014.




LX1 are experts in technical, production & project management and additionally we specialise in providing equipment and technical supplies through both hire and sales options. LX1 Technical Resources stocks a wide range of quality lighting control equipment from premium industry leading brands such as MA Lighting, ETC, Arkaos and Luminex, all available for hire and sales. We also provide complete technical production systems in collaboration with our trusted partners. In the last year we have provided systems and control equipment, through our hire services, to theatrical productions touring the UK, Ireland, Europe and Asia. We tailor hire packages specifically meeting the requirements of corporate events across the UK from conferences, product launches, charity fundraising events and concerts. 

The last twenty four months has been the busiest time frame so far for LX1. With Darran Curtis ever expanding our consultancy services we oversaw our largest portfolio of projects: actively engaging with the West End, producing and opening 30 productions across the play and musical genres and, through our hire service, we provided equipment to touring productions in the UAE, Turkey, Japan, Germany, France and Ireland. We provided people and equipment to approximately 80 events and additionally we invested £100,000 in new equipment now homed in our stock. 




Moving forward expansion and further development are LX1’s ambition. High quality customer service is our focus; spotlighting on our brand so we continue to uphold our reputation as trustworthy premium providers of production services. We aim to extend our reach- maintaining our personable style which differentiates us- working with new clients, partnering with new distributors and expanding our technical collective adding new skilled experts into our core team.

LX1 will concentrate on advancing the purchase service we offer. We are taking next steps in investment; acquiring additional equipment into our stock which will soon be available under both our Sales service and our successful hire programme- Technical Resources.

We are constantly aware of the ever changing environment we work in and our vision is to continue to change with it, for the better. Pursuing our involvement in networking events, workshops trialing new equipment which we will introduce to our creative designers once launched, we will continue to develop with new training opportunities and staying updated with industry legislation. We pride ourselves on thinking innovatively and sustainably, while keeping in line with our quality, people and professionalism ethos. 

Come with us on the journey- keep in touch, follow us on social media, check out our news section and get in contact if you are curious to know more or think we can work together.

We are production.
We are innovative brilliance.
We are quality, people and professionalism.

we are

“Absolutely amazing service and staff. LX1 cannot do enough for you. They are incredibly professional yet personable, and their range of equipment is second to none, along with their knowledge and skill. They over deliver on everything they do – I honestly cannot recommend them enough and won’t hesitate to use them again. Thanks to all the team for being an integral part of us pulling off a great event!”

David Alison, David Alison Ltd.

darran curtis.

LX1 Production Services was founded by Darran Curtis. Darran has over 20 years experience in his areas of expertise- which are vast and not easily defined. As the leader of LX1 we think a short introduction to who Darran is would show you the heart of LX1. 

Darran has worked across touring technical theatre, overseeing technical arrangements for corporate events, project management and freelancing as a lighting specialist all stemming from an early interest and curiosity in lighting. 

His journey through school and further education saw busy involvement in theatre and lighting, constantly making himself available to working opportunities and pushed his possibilities while training on the job. Actively working with both the Nuffield and Mayflower Theatres in Southampton in addition to extending his work portfolio with a local production company, Darran’s focus has also been to be an expert across the technical fields. The UK touring career commenced at just 18 as the sole member of the LX department leading the relighting and rigging processes for theatre productions. Then travelling overseas he expanded into the corporate event world: lighting large scale and complex award ceremonies, conferences and product launches across Europe. 

All thanks to his people skills, Darran is equally brilliant at developing new business relationships as he is maintaining them. Throughout his career he has frequently worked with the same clients, production companies, producers and venues. Touring continued, ever finessing his extensive venue knowledge, stepping into the leader role of the lighting department on large scale musicals which toured the UK and Europe. Then came the freelance opportunities on live music touring and most importantly on the same timeline Darran founded the company.

Darran has a portfolio of lighting design credits and most notably produced a lighting design for a world renowned touring musical. Understanding the creative mindset and approach Darran prides himself in his ability to build relationships with West End and UK touring Lighting, Sound, Video and Set and Costume Designers. He acts as a facilitator between the designer and the production process: meeting with designers, comprehending their designs and concepts, advising them on the technical specifications and then production managing the process of bringing those designs to life. Equally transparent to producers Darran acts on a consultancy and management basis for theatrical producers and event organisers. 

Beyond all of this, Darran’s focus is LX1 Production Services. We are excited to see what he brings next- he pushes the boundaries and provides us new challenges, territories, equipment and projects constantly. Darran is a great leader and he encompasses a wealth of knowledge which has advanced LX1- establishing it as the all round specialist it is.